About me
(in general)

I'm a fellow small guy from Montreal, Quebec, 5'4" 150 lbs in his late 20s. I built the site since July 1998.

Unlike what many may think, I am not the big giant bear that gives the bearhugs, but rather a small little fellow who likes receiving them

Mind you though, I also give holds as much I like to receive them and my arsenal isn't limited to just bearhugs. You can read more about my wrestling "tendancies" here.

I'm from Montreal, Canada and I am currently on the work market with a regular routine job in the software industry, which helps me quite a bit in building and maintaining this website

When I first created this website, I thought I was alone in the world who had a thing for bearhugs. Little did I know that many people shared my interests. I became more and more motivated to collect bearhugs and share them with everyone.

As you can tell, even after all these years, my passion for bearhugs hasn't dissapeared. In the contrary, it has grown bigger and bigger with time.

I still remember seeing my first bearhug in a TV pro wrestling event... I won't describe this in detail, but I'm sure that many of us passed through this phase

Most of my wrestling matches I have had are indeed in the region of Montreal and some in Quebec. I have yet to travel to the states to meet more wrestlers.

If you do ever come up here, please make sure to give me a buzz. I would love to wrestle new people, trade a couple of bearhugs or just have fun chatting with people visiting my website at a coffee shop

Don't worry, I don't bite.