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ID Website Title Link Category Date modifiedHitsRating
3555 Rob Adonis bearhugs Lee Thomas
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-10-034287.50 (2)
3537 Ted Arcidi bearhugs AJ Petruzzi to submission (reverse-inverted)
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-09-234387.76 (17)
262 DAK Videos
Groups2017-09-193181.00 (2)
3586 Big John Studd and Tony Atlas trade bearhugs
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-09-131888.45 (11)
3585 Terry Taylor and Larry Zbyszko bearhug Brian Christopher
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-09-131680.00
3584Rogan Richards: Muscle Power Domination
Video link (bearhug video)2017-08-305949.50 (2)
3566 Claudio Castagnoli bearhugs Charlie Haas
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-05-184509.00 (3)
3420 Killer McKenzie bearhugs Raymond Rowe
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-04-237988.36 (11)
3242 Keith Walker bearhugs Bushwhacker Luke
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-04-237699.33 (3)
3565 Mark Henry bearhugs Goldberg
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-04-233292.00 (1)
3564 Ten Pounder: Sammy Scrapper bearhugs Sam Smiler
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-04-233768.00 (2)
2168 Boris Zhukov bearhugs Paul Roma Twice (full match)
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-04-0113568.00 (4)
2107 Russian Boris Zhukov bearhugs Paul Roma
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-04-0111028.59 (37)
3556 Kameron Kade bearhugs Chase Cauliflower Brown
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-03-194558.67 (3)
3545 Jos LeDuc bearhugs Perry Jackson to submission and beyond
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-03-177458.50 (18)
2339 Robinson bearhugs Verne
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-02-2116358.50 (2)
3549 Warlord bearhug Paul Roma
YouTube link (wrestling video)2017-02-204309.00 (2)
3544 Paul Roma bearhugged by Nikolai Volkoff
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-02-063789.50 (4)
3541 Ted Arcidi bearhugs Terry Gibbs
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-02-036048.00 (21)
3540 Ted Arcidi bearhugs Barry O
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-01-264747.65 (20)
1129 Ted Arcidi bearhugs Tony Atlas
Video link (bearhug video)2017-01-238466.82 (17)
3529 Titan bearhugs Tom La Ruffa
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-01-183767.00 (1)
3530 Hercules Hernandez and Paul Roma bearhug Shawn Michaels
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-01-172949.00 (3)
2874 Luta vs Luta
Wrestling Blogs2017-01-0912339.40 (5)
3521 Ivan Rasputin bearhugs Dick Afflis
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-01-064197.83 (24)
3523 Pat O'Connor vs. Ivan Rasputin
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-01-065918.00 (28)
1159 Jim Brunzell vs Jumbo Tsuruta
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-01-017446.00 (1)
2440 Ted Arcidi bearhugs Neil Carr
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-01-018007.94 (17)
1937 Zar Mongol bearhugs Roy Starr to submission
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-12-3117089.60 (5)
3449 WCCW: Terry Gordy vs Chris Adams
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-12-305189.67 (3)
3048 El Destructo vs Trent the Thrill Atkins
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-12-309198.25 (4)
3509 Tony Atlas bearhugs Tito Santana
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-12-264018.75 (4)
3517 Dino Bravo Bearhugs Hercules
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-12-094568.25 (4)
3516 WWF Prime Time Wrestling (6 bearhugs)
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-11-289498.50 (6)
3505 Andre the Giant vs. Johnny Rodz and Frank Rodriguez
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-09-296448.16 (19)
3500 Royce Isaacs hugs Cody Devine
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-08-245640.00
3157 Titan bearhugs Tommy Taylor
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-08-0913649.00 (7)
3491 Davey Boy vs Hercules
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-07-267079.17 (6)
3480 Steelmuscle God wrestling
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-07-234578.50 (2)
3474 Steelmuscle God bearhugs Hunky Mike
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-07-226919.40 (5)
3477 Steelmuscle God wrestling: Mike vs Chris
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-07-226739.50 (4)
3464 Brodie Fisher vs Luke Harrison
Personal Wrestling Website2016-07-045878.50 (2)
3461Anton vs Drake
Video link (bearhug video)2016-07-0244110.00 (2)
3462Big Steve dominates Sexy Eddie
Video link (bearhug video)2016-07-025968.00 (2)
3458 Ivan Rasputin bearhugs Rudy Kay
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-06-298028.18 (34)
3297 Phoenician Bear
Tumblr Sites (Bears)2016-06-228438.00 (2)

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