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ID Website Title Link Category Date modifiedHitsRating
3556 Kameron Kade bearhugs Chase Cauliflower Brown
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-03-192048.00 (2)
3545 Jos LeDuc bearhugs Perry Jackson to submission and beyond
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-03-173938.91 (11)
2339 Robinson bearhugs Verne
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-02-2115338.50 (2)
3549 Warlord bearhug Paul Roma
YouTube link (wrestling video)2017-02-202109.00 (2)
3544 Paul Roma bearhugged by Nikolai Volkoff
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-02-061779.50 (4)
3541 Ted Arcidi bearhugs Terry Gibbs
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-02-033588.11 (19)
3540 Ted Arcidi bearhugs Barry O
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-01-262207.67 (18)
1129 Ted Arcidi bearhugs Tony Atlas
Video link (bearhug video)2017-01-237566.81 (16)
3529 Titan bearhugs Tom La Ruffa
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-01-181977.00 (1)
3530 Hercules Hernandez and Paul Roma bearhug Shawn Michaels
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-01-171609.00 (3)
2874 Luta vs Luta
Wrestling Blogs2017-01-0911429.25 (4)
3521 Ivan Rasputin bearhugs Dick Afflis
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-01-062588.05 (21)
3523 Pat O'Connor vs. Ivan Rasputin
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-01-063438.13 (23)
1159 Jim Brunzell vs Jumbo Tsuruta
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-01-016936.00 (1)
2440 Ted Arcidi bearhugs Neil Carr
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-01-017068.06 (16)
1937 Zar Mongol bearhugs Roy Starr to submission
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-12-3115949.60 (5)
3449 WCCW: Terry Gordy vs Chris Adams
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-12-304259.67 (3)
3048 El Destructo vs Trent the Thrill Atkins
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-12-308628.25 (4)
3509 Tony Atlas bearhugs Tito Santana
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-12-262668.67 (3)
3517 Dino Bravo Bearhugs Hercules
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-12-093268.25 (4)
3516 WWF Prime Time Wrestling (6 bearhugs)
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-11-286828.50 (6)
3505 Andre the Giant vs. Johnny Rodz and Frank Rodriguez
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-09-294878.16 (19)
3500 Royce Isaacs hugs Cody Devine
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-08-244520.00
3157 Titan bearhugs Tommy Taylor
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-08-0912259.00 (7)
3491 Davey Boy vs Hercules
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-07-265749.17 (6)
3480 Steelmuscle God wrestling
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-07-233558.50 (2)
3474 Steelmuscle God bearhugs Hunky Mike
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-07-224929.40 (5)
3477 Steelmuscle God wrestling: Mike vs Chris
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-07-225229.50 (4)
3464 Brodie Fisher vs Luke Harrison
Personal Wrestling Website2016-07-044458.50 (2)
3461Anton vs Drake
Video link (bearhug video)2016-07-0233810.00 (2)
3462Big Steve dominates Sexy Eddie
Video link (bearhug video)2016-07-024858.00 (2)
3458 Ivan Rasputin bearhugs Rudy Kay
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-06-296788.16 (31)
3297 Phoenician Bear
Tumblr Sites (Bears)2016-06-227298.00 (2)
3450 Hercules Hernandez bearhugs Hulk Hogan
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-05-282939.50 (2)
3359 The Beast vs Eric Pomeroy
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-05-2410409.20 (35)
1024 Strongman Jon Anderson (Jon Andersen) bearhugs MPT
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-05-137746.67 (3)
3443 Ttyypphh
Tumblr Sites (Wrestling)2016-04-129538.00 (3)
2915 Grizzly House Jones bearhugs Andrew Lee and Trey Miguell at the same time
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-04-0310859.24 (34)
3377Gayforit: Michael Vineland bearhug
Video link (bearhug video)2016-03-1354510.00 (1)
3418 Crusher Brannigan bearhugs Johnny South
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-03-075387.80 (5)
3410 Musclehunks bearhug each other multiple times
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-03-037199.75 (4)
3404 Luta de Machos
Wrestling Blogs2016-02-1399910.00 (2)
3321 Power Twins vs Mask Confusion
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-02-078268.35 (49)
3400 Kushti Wrestling
Blogs2016-01-314847.00 (1)
3397 Meng bearhugs Lex Luger
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-01-305699.00 (1)
Muscle-related2016-01-266147.00 (1)
3387Gayforit: Pro Sex Fights 10 (Can-Am)
Video link (bearhug video)2016-01-185829.00 (1)
3373 Jay Muscle
Commercial Bodybuilder Website2016-01-174757.00 (3)
3354 WCWC #49: Kevin Kross bearhugs Dan Joseph multiple times
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-01-1112438.38 (53)
3356 WCWC #36: Johnny Paradise bearhugs Fruit Loops
YouTube Channel2016-01-116958.17 (6)
3375Gayforit: Black Wrestling bearhug sequence
Video link (bearhug video)2016-01-114828.50 (4)
299 Wrestle Axe
Wrestling Video Companies2016-01-0821663.50 (2)
3374 Muscle Collection
Commercial Bodybuilder Website2016-01-044730.00
3364 Wrestling Video World
Commercial Bodybuilder Website2016-01-0411567.50 (4)

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