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2009-07-01: Users can now block other users if they do not wish to receive messages from them. Block user/sender - Wednesday July 1st 2009 (News ID: 991)   [ Back to top ]

I have just completed implementing the blocking user upgrade for the Wrestling Personals. This will allow you to block anyone from whom you do not wish to receive messages. There are currently two ways to block an user:

- You can visit the user's profile, scroll down a bit and you'll see a link that says [ Click here to block this user ].

- Or, you can view the message the user sent you and click on [ Block sender ]. Obviously, this option is only available if the user sent you a message in the first place.

Both methods do the same thing. They will prevent the user from sending you any further messages without him actually knowing it. If you ever change your mind in the future, you can access the listing of blocked users at any time to un-block them. The listing is available in the Control Panel once logged in.

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